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        Shengzhou Dapeng Tea Co., Ltd.
        Shengzhou Houtu Tea Co., Ltd.

        Address: No. 1578 Xingsheng Street, Shengzhou City, Zhejiang Province
        Tel: 0086-575-83349888
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        Company Profile

        Shengzhou Dapeng Tea Co.,Ltd.was set up in 1987 Zhejiang,China.It's one ofthe first batch of enterprises who got the import and export license.It isalso a main manufacturer and exporter of green tea in Zhejiangprovince.With a registed capital of 50.18 million yuan,Dapeng Tea is animportant production and processing base of Gunpowder and Chunmee.Theexporting quantity is 20000 tons per year and it is increasing stably.Thecompany has many raw material base,such asJiangxi,Fujian,Zhejiang,Huan,Hebei,etc.Is also has many branch offices abroad.In year 2000,the company passed IOS9001:2000 and developed the brands ASKIA&PENGYU.The brand ASKIA is awarded famous brand of Chinese green tea.It is sold to the countries near Sahara Desert and Euro,Central Aisan,Middle East,etc.Shengzhou Dapeng Tea Co.,Ltd.conveniently located.It takes the aim of"Stable quality,goods price,prompt delivery,achieving win-win solution".Welcome to visit us!

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